Why Should The Church Focus On Reaching The Unreached?

Why Should The Church Focus On Reaching The Unreached?

Why Should The Church Focus On Reaching The Unreached?

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You want to give to places where there is great fruitfulness. Everyone wants their lives to count for something, to create true life transformation and community impact. 

So it is correct to be passionate about about a focus on fruitfulness. 

What you give money to should have longevity.
What you sow your life into should create change.

But here’s a sudden wake up call: There are whole regions of the planet that have little to no Christian influence. These are the hard places to reach.

They are unreached.
They are where the zeros are.
They are the fields that the Christian world have overlooked, even until now.

“It is high time to make known the glad tidings in these dark regions of sin and spiritual bondage.” – Samuel Marsden

So here’s a reminder to pool our Christian resources together to reach the remaining unreached and unengaged people groups of the earth. There’s more than enough resources to go around. 

As John Piper shares about the need to focus on reaching the unreached people groups of the earth, may your heart be stirred to join with Within Reach Global to create long lasting impact among whole communities who have lived without the message of Jesus Christ for far too long.

And although the areas we focus on at Within Reach Global are the unreached and unengaged peoples of the 21st century, we are are actually seeing incredible fruit spring up from our many years of service in reaching out to them. 

The harvest fields are ripe! Open up your eyes and see the many possibilities of new salvations and response among the precious people on God’s heart!


Inspired from a blog post at vergenetwork.org

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