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Bullets Are Flying Over Our Missionaries’ Heads In The Ongoing War In Myanmar

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This morning, I received a disturbing text message from our local missionary in Myanmar. “David,” he said, “Please pray for us. The bullets are flying over our heads! Have you heard nothing of the mass genocide taking place among some of Asia’s ethnic tribes? Have you heard nothing of the mass genocide taking place among…

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Anti-Human Trafficking Training For Southeast Asia’s Heroes

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Did you know that Southeast Asia is full of heroes? Heroes who risk their lives and well-being to rescue perishing souls from the “dragon” and then impart healing and Sprit-life into them. They do it through midnight hikes, shining hope and carrying living water to women who are devalued and persecuted by their husbands. These…

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The Power Of Short Term Missions Teams

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We have been so blessed to have four short-term missions teams join us at Within Reach Global for the past week. They have experienced some amazing ministry opportunities: Campus ministry to college students and young professionals Ministry to orphans and underprivileged children Village trips to unreached people groups Holistic evangelism to Buddhist monks Prayer walks…

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2015 Year In Review

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We saw amazing things happen at Within Reach Global in 2015! 3 countries 6 outreach centers 13 local missionaries from 7 different people groups 10 foreign missionaries 9 church plants 10 tons of clothing given to the poor 150 led through our discipleship course 3-5 English Corners per week 120 students reached through Camps 135…

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These Poor Precious People Are Receiving Free Medical Care In China

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Our local Chinese missionaries are incredible! They have recently found a way to provide free medical care for these poor precious people. They live near The Edge outreach center. They are the least of these. They are not beautiful. But God has a special way of bringing beauty up from the ashes.  God has a…

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She Left Us So Quickly And Went Home To Her Heavenly Father

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August was an emotional month for us. Though there were wonderful things that God did (as he always does), a tragic experience left our missionary team saddened in its wake. We wanted to share this with you, not so that you would be filled with sadness, but that you might sense our hearts for the…

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Sad Update: 11 Year Old Yuxiang Passed Away This Afternoon

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She has always been in His arms. Now she can see the One who is holding her. Our hearts broke as we heard the news today. Our local missionary left us a tearful voice message, “This afternoon, a few minutes past 3:pm, Yuxiang left us.” A tearful voice message, “This afternoon, a few minutes past 3:pm,…

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Poor Little Princess. 11 Year Old Yuxiang Has Comprehensive Meningitis

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She smiles less than most children her age. After all, she has grown up in the strong grip of poverty. Her father left her and her mother for another woman. Her mother turned to drugs and is now an addict. On top of that, she has recently been struck with comprehensive meningitis. A terrible story.…

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Chinese Christian Relief Efforts After Massive Earthquake Kills 367 (Video)

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One year ago this month a massive earthquake (read blog here) rocked the region near Orphan Home outreach center, killing nearly 400 people. It was a tragedy. But in the midst of ashes, God always makes a way to share the light of the gospel. In the midst of ashes, God always makes a way…

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2014 A Year In Review | Within Reach Global

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Download the PDF here Overview The year 2014 was a year of vision brought about by the experience gained from years past and the hope elicited by years to come. It saw darkness in the form of rebellions, explosions, stabbings and earthquakes. It witnessed adventure in the form of many voyages and it sparked our…

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