New Ministry

The Hub Students Teach Orphans English

New Ministry: The Hub Students Teach Orphans English

New Ministry: The Hub Students Teach Orphans English

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A brand new and exciting ministry just started through The Hub student center. The lives of migrant workers’ children and orphan kids are being transformed with the love of God.

The Hub, our student ministry center, has been hosting English Corners with a purpose for almost two years now. We challenge the college students to live for something bigger than themselves—a radical message in an ever-changing China where all they are taught is striving for personal gain.

In recent months we have seen an influx of young people coming to the cross and meeting the Lord Jesus. And as their lives are being transformed, we have given them opportunities to reach out to their community. We have partnered with Love For The Poor, a ministry that is bringing hope to the forgotten children of China, and are excited about helping change lives with them.

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“We’ve been helping college students learn English for years,” one of our missionaries said. “Now that their language skills have improved, why not invite them to help us teach the children at Love For The Poor?”


We took a small group to the LFTP center and watched as The Hub ministry began to become more indigenous: new local Christians reaching their own nation. After all, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Pioneering new church plants, and then empowering the locals to rise to the challenge of fulfilling the Great Commission; a missionary working himself out of a job; creating life transformation that far outlasts yourself.

The children at Love For The Poor do not have any paperwork proving that they exist. They have no birth certificate, proper ID, or any other documents that will allow them to have a decent future. They are overlooked in national censuses, and forgotten by their own country. But God looks down from heaven and sees these young lives that He has created. And He cares.

God cares for them, so He has placed them upon our hearts as well.

Every Saturday, we take students from The Hub to play with the children and teach them English. Their language skills are improving as they learn English Christian songs and dance.

“The future of these children is very uncertain, but we hope that as they learn English, they will have a better future here or abroad,” one of our American missionaries said. “We also hope that they will have the opportunity to have eternal life. Please pray for these children with us.”

But the orphans and children of migrant workers are not the only ones whose lives are being changed. There is something powerful about giving of yourself to a stranger, and students at The Hub are realizing this as well.

“How can someone really make a difference in China?” one student asked at English Corner. “The moment you stop believing that one person can change the world, you will be destined to repeat the foolishness of the past,” replied a girl who has been joining us in this new ministry.


The moment you stop believing that one person can change the world, you will be destined to repeat the foolishness of the past.


There are many tears of joy as they sow into these childrens’ lives. “My parents are dead,” one orphan told us. “I don’t know where my mom and dad are,” another said. And the tears of joy are mixed with those of sorrow. But God sees the bigger picture, and we believe He has great things in store for these young children and college students. He will always choose the weak and foolish over the strong and wise.

“Uncle, thank you for coming to be with us,” an eight year old orphan told me recently. I smiled, gave him a high five, and said, “We love you!”

As you pray with us and give financially to the ministry of Within Reach Global, you too are making an eternal impact on the lives of the unreached, the untouched, and the unloved.


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