Watch This Chinese Megacity Rise Around The Chinese Farmers Who Used To Live There [Video]

Watch This Chinese Megacity Rise Around The Chinese Farmers Who Used To Live There [Video]

Watch This Chinese Megacity Rise Around The Chinese Farmers Who Used To Live There [Video]

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“The city is eating the countryside. People who have farmed all their lives don’t know what to do except keep working amid the construction.”

This incredible video gives a quick glimpse at an ever-changing China. After decades of spiritual depravity, today there is a massive spiritual vacuum. People are hungry for something eternal. Now is the perfect time to usher them into a relationship with Jesus. That’s our passion at Within Reach Global.

Reaching unreached people groups in urban settings. It’s something I have mentioned before.

Reaching Unengaged People Groups Through Urban Mission

Unreached Moving To Boom Towns, Becoming More Accessible [Interactive Graphic]

This Infographic About China’s Fake Urbanization Shows How Unreached People Groups Are Flooding To Cities

I used to travel countless hours on long, hard roads to reach unreached people groups in rural China. In fact, I still take teams to visit our outreach centers among the Wa, Dai, Lahu, Bouyei, Bai, Miao, Yi, Yao, Ge, Dong, Kongge, Hani, Aini, and many other ethnic people groups.

But our strategy has shifted.

We are now focused on reaching unreached people groups in urban settings.

Why spend 3 days round trip traveling to a rural village to share the gospel to a few families for 3 hours when you can spend 3 hours to impact multiple ethnic people groups who reside in the city?

There is most certainly a place for long, arduous travels to unreached people groups. I have done it for years, and many of my missionary colleagues are still focused on rural regions. But I find it more strategic for Within Reach Global to reach these same unreached people groups in the urban setting.

It’s a lot less work, a lot less strenuous on a missionary’s body, and—let’s face it—a lot less diarrhea! (I’ve eaten some weird things up in them hills!)

What do you think? Ever been to an unreached village before? Ever talked to someone who had no concept of what a Jesus is?


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