The Bridge For 100,000 Students

The Bridge For 100,000 Students

The Bridge For 100,000 Students

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The Bridge is our newest underground outreach center in the center of 8 universities and 100,000 students.

We just opened The Bridge this month, our sixth underground outreach center. Within Reach Global staff have moved to this booming college town, with eight universities. There are over 100,000 college students in the area, a huge population of which are ethnic minorities and unreached people groups in the city. The Bridge connects the city to the village, student to family to community to bring the message of salvation.

We are currently doing a thorough survey of what ethnic tribes are attending each university, so that we are able to target specific unreached groups and create lasting impact among people who still do not have a witness of Christ in their hometowns.

Here’s what Within Reach Global staff posted on Facebook:

We had an exciting day today doing surveys at a nearby Nationality university. We excitedly met students from 13 different government-recognized people groups. Over 100 students today said that they would like an English corner to begin in their university. Now, we are asking God for the laborers to reap the plentiful harvest.

There are less than 3 ministries that we know of working in this area—that’s one missionary per 6,000 young people. That’s the Great Imbalance Of Global Missions. We need your prayer and financial support behind us as we reach these students.

Want to help?

We need a church and individuals to come behind this new outreach center and financially support $1,000 every month. This money goes toward:

  • our staff who are actively reaching young people for Christ 
  • rent of our staff home and outreach center 
  • travel to universities

It’s been over a year since we started an English Corner as a platform to reach these young people, and over 50 students are attending every week. The Bridge is the perfect center for student discipleship, Biblical training and church planting among unengaged people groups.

We had a wonderful discipleship dinner tonight with the students. They have really begun to open up their hearts to us, asking many questions and sharing life struggles. Tears were shed tonight and burdens released. Please pray that they will continue to open up their hearts to God, and find that He is the real Answer and Life.

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