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50% Of All Christians Live In These 11 Countries, Surrounding The Unreached World On All Sides

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The Christian population surrounds the unreached world on all sides, yet millions are still without gospel hope. Pretty mind blowing isn’t it? I hope that these stats and numbers challenge you to ask the serious question: “Am I willing to put a blank check before God and say, ‘Wherever you want me to go, whatever…

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Everything Is About Us. Or Is It? A Life Dedicated To Something Greater

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Sometimes my Facebook feed inspires. After unfollowing all the people who did nothing but post selfies of their beautiful faces all day, A richer social media experience returned. I saw people posting things that mattered, things that make a difference in the world. “We want to live a life dedicated to something greater than our…

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You Might Be Surprised At The Top 20 Countries Where Christianity Is Growing The Fastest

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Where is Christianity growing the fastest? The Center for the Study of Global Christianity, based at Gordon Conwell Seminary, published In June 2013 an excellent report regarding Christianity in its Global Context. The full report can be found online at here. From this report I identified the top 20 countries that have the highest percentage…

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