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Give Your Red Packet (红包) For Chinese New Year

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It’s Chinese New Year and we don’t want you to feel left out! Sure, you might be missing the bowls of spicy fish, the explosive chaos of fireworks, the family gatherings and overall festivity that marks the lunar calendar. But you can still play a part by making a special donation to our missionaries at Within Reach…

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This Hilarious Guy Quit His Job, Left His Wife And Travelled To Save The World

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For some reason, we’re under the strange impression that to change the world, we need to drop everything in our lives and do something radical for God. While God certainly calls every Christian to radical Christian mission—not just unintentional social media slacktivism—I believe that he has gifted us all in unique ways to use our…

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Project Bare Feet

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This project has been 100% funded! Thank you so much for your generous donations! Check out Project Bare Feet photos of Facebook, and continue to pray for opportunities to bless these children.   We need your help to buy 125 pairs of shoes for poor children in Bulacan, Philippines asap. Let’s make this a reality…

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Shoes And Mattresses For Orphans

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A few months ago, a group of Baptist missionaries who are connected with some of our Filipino missionaries heard that we were helping orphaned children and migrant workers’ kids at Love For The Poor center. They wanted to help out in some way as well. “Why not buy shoes for the kids?” one of our…

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Ordaining 4 New Local Missionaries

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“Here’s how we’ll do it,” I said. “One by one I will have each of them come stand in front. Anyone who wants to share an encouraging story or testimony about them will have a chance. Then each of them will tell us why they want to be ordained. We will all lay hands on…

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Autistic Filipino Boy Needs Help With Therapy

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A skin condition called Hypomelanosis of Ito. Autism. Mental Retardation. Seven year old Christian and his mother really need help. Everyone’s got problems. We know that there are things in your life that take your time and energy, and weigh heavy on your heart. But would you mind taking a moment to reflect on how…

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