Supernatural healings are taking place in China

Supernatural healings are taking place in China

Supernatural healings are taking place in China

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If there’s one thing that we have found over the last 20 years it is that our God is a missionary God! We see this from Genesis to Revelation: God on mission to redeem his people from every corner of the planet. And the incredible part is that He invites us to join Him in this process!

We have seen a number of supernatural healings take place in our outreach centers. When the residential guard outside The Hub church fell ill, our local missionaries prayed over him, and he was completely healed! He was so grateful that he immediately joined our local house church and is growing in his new Christian faith.

Another Chinese woman who recently came to know the Lord suffered from leg paralysis for 3 years. Her family abandoned her (for she brought shame to their household) and she was living alone without any family support. She came to our church complaining of extreme pain in her leg. Sleep eluded her and her misery was evident. Before the church service ended, our local missionaries prayed for her. Immediately, she felt the release of pain from her legs and walked home without discomfort! Watch the video here!

Soon after that, as one of our local missionaries was walking back home, they realized that their neighbor’s child was sick. They prayed for her, and the following week, they saw the child well and active. The parents marveled at this and gave testimony that after they prayed for the child, she was instantly healed! The family then gave their lives to the Lord and are now attending our local church!

One of our dear Chinese missionary wives recently feel ill. She lives and ministers with her family on the China/Vietnam border at Pilot outreach center. Her husband took her to the nearby city to see a doctor because of a large lump that formed on her throat. The doctor informed her that she required immediate surgery. But because she had just given birth to her baby 3 months earlier, she was uncomfortable taking the doctor’s advice. Our whole missionary team (both foreign and Chinese) began to pray for her. The next day, the lump on her throat shrank! She returned to the hospital and the same doctor who wanted to operate on her her now said informed her that she no longer needed a surgery! We continue to pray for her complete healing. Please join us in prayer for our dear sister.

Your prayers make a difference! E.M. Bounds said, “Give your best hours of your day to prayer.” And A.B. Simpson said “Prayer is the mighty engine that is to move the missionary work.”

Prayer works! It doesn’t mater where you are at present. There’s no need for a change of geographical coordinate or magical airplane ride to an exotic land. You don’t have to be a missionary, you just have to be linked to the heart of God! Time spent on your knees creates powerful shifts in the world of the divine. It is the linking of our hearts with the heart of God for the souls of men.

Will you like your heart to ours as we seek to make Jesus known among unreached people groups?

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