Sponsorship program

For a little more than $1 a day, you can help fuel ministry in the least reached places.

Within Reach Global empowers local missionaries involved in church planting efforts in the least reached places on the planet as they fight to reach their own people. But we need your help.

Sponsorship allows you to partner with a ministry in a personal and impactful way, sustaining their work all year long. Ministries that have a network of support thrive, and thriving ministries will leave a lasting mark in the fabric of their countries.

Our strong desire at Within reach Global is to honor God and reach the unreached in the 10/40 Window. We believe that it is a tragedy that there are still nearly 2 billion people who have never heard of Jesus in the 21st century.

Partnered together with you we can help establish the Kingdom of God is places where the name of Jesus is still not known. See why your sponsorship is so needed.


home of the unreached world

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Approximately 2 out of 5 people in our world have never heard of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Comprising nearly 2.9 billion people, they are the unreached peoples who live in the 10/40 Window.

Hold the ropes

We are looking for people who will join our Monthly Prayer and Financial Support Team by faithfully giving to Within Reach Global, to help us get to the least reached people groups of Southeast Asia. Will you help hold the ropes as we are lowered down into the goldmine of souls?

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Check out our recent updates and see how sponsorship is impacting local missionaries to plant churches, disciple new believers, and care for marginalized orphans!

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