Zhang Rong

Sponsorship ID: MY101, Full description below

Your sponsorship will help Zhang Rong and his family continue to rescue abandoned children, minister to drug-addicted families, feed hungry kids, and share the Gospel with people who have never heard of Jesus before!

Zhang Rong, Sponsorship ID: MY101

Child rescue among drug-addicted communities in Myanmar.

Zhang Rong is a passionate church planter, expert evangelist, and humble servant of the Gospel. A husband and father of 2 of his own children, Zhang Rong and his wife now foster 5 left-behind children whose parents have been jailed for drug abuse in Myanmar.

Zhang Rong and his family reside in an epicenter of methamphetamine production and human trafficking. The ongoing civil war and continued political unrest in Myanmar creates a constant security issue for Zhang Rong and his family as they oversee Christian ministry at The Edge outreach center. They have experienced physical persecution and the danger of bullets flying over their home. But instances like these have only served to strengthen their passion to reach souls who have never heard of Jesus before.

After seeing the immense pain caused by drugs, prostitution, and poverty, discipleship and evangelism are underway, accompanied by our weekly feeding program for the children and medical care for children with severe cleft lips. Zhang Rong and his wife have witnessed their fair share of tragedy as they serve to establish the Kingdom of God is hard-to-reach regions.

Zhang Rong has been a faithful minister of the Gospel among unreached people groups with Within Reach Global for over 13 years, pioneering church planting efforts at Pilot and 26 Tribes outreach centers.

*Names have been changed for security purposes. Images of actual missionaries may not appear so as to protect their identities.*

Zhang Rong and his family minister at The Edge outreach center. See in-action photos on the Within Reach Global Facebook page.

The Edge: Transforming communities by reaching out to children and families. Sponsor this outreach center here > withinreachglobal.org/outreach-centers/the-edge

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