Deng Fengli

Sponsorship ID: CH106, Full description below

Your sponsorship will help Deng Fengli and his family continue to minister to families of his unreached tribe, disciple new believers, and witness the grace and glory of God arrive in a region where it was previously unknown.

Deng Fengli, Sponsorship ID: CH106

Rural church planting among unreached peoples in China.

Deng Fengli first heard about Jesus during one of our evangelistic trips to his unreached tribe. Growing up a rural farming background in Southeast Asia, he had never before been presented with the message of the Gospel. We immediately sensed his spiritual hunger.

After giving his life to the Lord, attending a year-long underground Bible school, and growing under intentional discipleship, Deng Fengli’s passion for his unreached tribe was birthed. He returned to his hometown and began a grassroots ministry to his unreached community.

Deng Fengli by nature is a soft-spoken, introverted young man. Some might have even considered him overly shy and unable to create Gospel impact. But that all changed after he experienced persecution firsthand.

During a trip to the unreached tribe surrounding Pilot outreach center, police apprehended and interrogated our entire missionary team, and physically beat up Deng Fengli. He was, after all, the only one of our local missionaries to experience the blow of a fist on cheek or sting of a cigarette butt on tender skin.

After his firsthand experience of persecution for the sake of the Gospel, Deng Fengli’s faith emboldened, his spirit strengthened, and his evangelistic fervor stoked! He asked the girl of his dreams to marry him and now he and his wife live and reside within one kilometer of the police station where he was beaten up.

Deng Fengli and his wife continue to minister to families around Pilot outreach center, baptize new believers, disciple Christians, and witness the grace and glory of God arrive in a region where it was previously unknown.

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Deng Fengli and his family minister at Pilot outreach center. See in-action photos on the Within Reach Global Facebook page.

Pilot outreach center: Where reaching unreached peoples all began. Sponsor this outreach center here >

Posted by Within Reach Global on Friday, August 18, 2017