Li Fuliang

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Your sponsorship will help Li Fuliang and his family continue to be a testimony of life transformation among their own unreached people group, see new families come to Christ, and plant churches in least reached regions!

Li Fuliang, Sponsorship ID: CH104

Rural evangelism & church planting among unreached tribe in China.

They used to call him the Frog Prince because of his stature. But as the story unfolded, Li Fuliang became a true prince, a son of the Most High God, a local missionary among his own unreached tribe!

His story is dramatic: local unreached alcoholic drunk-punches Within Reach Global missionary Zhang Rong who repays him with nothing but grace. Soon after, Li Fuliang breaks down in tears, gives his life to Christ, joins Zhang Rong as a local missionary, is instrumental in the healing of a young tribal woman, falls in love with her, and marries her.

Crazy, we know, but we’re not making this stuff up!

Today, Li Fuliang, his wife, and 2 kids reside at Pilot outreach center and desire to see their own tribe come to know Jesus. They work together with local missionary and coworker, Deng Fengli. There are very few known Christians among their ethnic minority group but Li Fuliang’s own story is a testimony to the power of God in their midst.

Pilot outreach center is situated in an epicenter of human trafficking (Vietnamese girls to China), alcohol abuse, anti-Christ cult activity, overwhelming poverty, and deep spiritual darkness. A dragon has long resided in these precipitous mountains, clasping local communities in its fierce claws, unwilling that light penetrates his lair.

But amidst persecution and government-led interrogations, Li Fuliang and his family are committed to reaching his precious tribe with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

*Names have been changed for security purposes. Images of actual missionaries may not appear so as to protect their identities.*

Li Fuliang and his family minister at Pilot outreach center. See in-action photos on the Within Reach Global Facebook page.

Pilot outreach center: Where reaching unreached peoples all began. Sponsor this outreach center here >

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