Zhou Guangming

Sponsorship ID: CH102, Full description below

Your sponsorship will help Zhou Guangming and his family continue to sow Gospel seeds among unreached tribes and raise up a new generation of worshippers among people who have never heard of Jesus before!

Zhou Guangming, Sponsorship ID: CH102

Rural church planting among unreached peoples in China.

Zhou Guangming may be one of the most unassuming missionary heroes out there. From a physical standpoint, he is often overlooked and even marginalized. As a young child, he fell from a tree, broke his leg, and his family was too poor to obtain medical care for him. His right leg atrophied, the following effect mere skin on shriveled shin. The reality, however, is that Zhou Guangming doesn’t even realize his handicap!

Every week, Zhou Guangming hikes up uncharted mountains to the homes of unreached tribes. Crutches under his armpits, he traverses the agrarian terrain with extraordinary ease, a broad smile ever on his face. One of his unique specialties is helps ministry wherein he cuts the toenails and grooms the feet of Buddhist monks! This holistic approach has opened many communities to the love of Jesus.

Zhou Guangming and his wife oversee ministry at 26 Tribes outreach center. Together with their 2 children, this local missionary family is focused on some of the least reached people groups in Southeast Asia. They also lead an underground house church, teach worship, flow in the gift of healing, and minister to transient urban workers.

Zhou Guangming was instrumental in pioneering ministry among the unreached at Pilot outreach center with Zhang Rong. His uplifting countenance and servant-hearted spirit leave a deep impression of God’s goodness wherever he goes. He is a fountain of Christian hope and joy, a witness of God’s grace and glory, handpicked by God Himself to accomplish wonderful things for the Kingdom.

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Zhou Guangming and his family minister at 26 Tribes outreach center. See in-action photos on the Within Reach Global Facebook page.

26 Tribes: Impacting countless tribal groups with the love of God. Sponsor this outreach center here > withinreachglobal.org/outreach-centers/26-tribes

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