Our First Thought Was To Get Financial Support From Wealthy Chinese Businessmen, But It Turned Into So Much More

Our First Thought Was To Get Financial Support From Wealthy Chinese Businessmen, But It Turned Into So Much More

Our First Thought Was To Get Financial Support From Wealthy Chinese Businessmen, But It Turned Into So Much More

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Recently, one of our missionaries had a brilliant idea. Why not present the Within Reach Global vision of reaching unreached peoples to wealthy Chinese Christian businessmen and businesswomen?

For years, we have been praying that financial support would arise from within—local Christians supporting our outreach centers among unreached peoples and college students in China. More full time workers and volunteers are joining our team, our ministries are expanding, and we undoubtedly have need of more supporters to back us up.

“A few weeks ago, I started to think of Chinese businessmen,” our missionary said. “I felt like God wanted us to do something with them, so I thought maybe it’s the right time to approach these people and present our ministry for the purpose of financial partnership.”

We arranged an elaborate dinner at The Hub Hospitality And Outreach Center, and invited 20 businessmen and businesswomen to attend.

Our first thought was to evoke financial support from wealthy Chinese businessmen, but it turned into something so much more.

“While preparing to market our vision, God gave me a strong impression of how he so dearly loved these people. Moments before the meeting, we began to meditate and consider what God really wanted us to do that evening. Instantly, God enlightened our spirits, and stirred us to consider their hunger to hear the word of God. 

We were unsure if these Christian business people attended church regularly in the midst of their busyness. We didn’t know how many of them were suffering from so much pressure, and how their their families, relationship, spouses and children were affected. We thought about how many of them might have been abused by the church, seeing their good financial status and continually asking for financial help. We considered how many of them were probably even confused about their faith. 

Their own needs became more evident to us, so much so that it caused us to set aside our own agenda and attend to their needs.”

1 Corinthians 14:1 spoke to us: “Let love be your highest goal!”

We longed to tell them

that they are loved unconditionally;
that they are not alone in their struggles;
that God hears the desires of their hearts.

We tossed out our agenda to evoke financial support from them, and decided instead to minister to the deep needs in their own lives.

What a joy the whole evening became! There were tears of appreciation and inspired realizations of God’s deep concern for them. And through our ministry to them, their hearts opened, and they asked to hear more about what Within Reach Global was doing.

As our local missionaries shared testimonies of their travels to unreached peoples, ministry to orphans and underprivileged children, and outreach to college students, they were in awe at what God was doing through our ministry!

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“Can we do this regularly?” the Chinese business people pleaded with us. So we immediately set up a monthly meeting with them, and we are excited to see where God takes these new relationships!

We believe that as we attend to other people’s needs, God will take care of ours. He sees everything we do and is pleased with it!

China is in a new season. Rapid economic growth and rise of a middle and upper class have changed the ballgame. We pray that within 5 years, Within Reach Global will be 60% funded by Chinese Christians who are passionate about reaching the unreached people groups in their own nation!

Pray with us that we would impart life and love with pure motivations, and that God would be glorified in whatever he causes to spring up through this momentous fellowship with Christian Chinese businessman and businesswomen.

Maybe you would like to give financially to the many ministries at Within Reach Global. Head on over to our donate page, and see how you can bring light and love to the farthest corners of the 10/40 Window!


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