Ordaining Our Local Missionary As A Pastor

Within Reach Global

Within Reach Global has been growing and expanding into unreached people groups and villages, and we are so amazed how God is using this ministry to help transform peoples’ lives with the gospel.

But like any growing ministry, we need more hands on deck: traveling to villages, preaching to unreached peoples, discipling new believers, and establishing churches in their area. That’s why we ordained one of most trusted local missionaries as an itenerant pastor over the tribal work.

It was a powerful third day of our co-workers convention. All 14 of our local missionaries underwent a three day training and time of refreshment at our home. They shared about how each of their ministries in our training centers, Pilot, The Hub, The Edge, 26 Tribes, and Bamboo have been progressing, and we spoke about love, courtship and marriage, team building, conflict resolution, and church planting.

On the third day we ordained one of our local missionaries. We all laid hands on him, anointing him as an apostolic minister. It was a powerful time. Prayer turned to tears of joy as we recognized God’s calling on his life. Afterward he shared with us that he is excited about how God will use him this year.

“I just want to be a servant to all of you,” he told our local missionaries. “I promise to help you succeed in your church planting efforts among tribal peoples.”

The whole point of cross-cultural missions is to work yourself out of a job. The ministry should be placed into the hands of trusted local Christians with a passion to see their own nations reached. We believe that this big step of ordaining one of our local missionaries will only enhance the ministry of Within Reach Global as we extend into many more nations throughout Southeast Asia.

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David Joannes

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