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We have seen the dark caverns of the unreached world. There is a goldmine of souls in Southeast Asia.

“It seems as deep as the center of the earth. Who will venture to explore it?” The voice of William Carey resounded from the back of the room in the year 1793: “I am willing to be lowered into the darkness, to venture down into that mine to dig, but remember, you must hold the ropes!” 

We are looking for people who will join our Monthly Prayer and Financial Support Team by faithfully giving to Within Reach Global, to help us get to the least reached people groups of Southeast Asia.

Would you consider setting up your monthly donation?

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As you join the Within Reach Global Monthly Prayer & Financial Support Team, we commit to keep you updated on how you can pray for the unreached, and how your donations are blessing the people we are reaching out to.

We commit to be diligent to fulfill the vision and mission God has given us, and be faithful stewards of the financial donations given to this ministry.

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