International Day for the Unreached

International Day for the Unreached

International Day for the Unreached

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Today is a special day, a day that holds great meaning for us at Within Reach Global. In fact, it’s the reason that this ministry exists.

Our motto simply stated is this: Honor God. Reach the unreached.



So with that in mind, we encourage you to head on over to There’s 2 reasons for this:


1. We want you to join the live Facebook event with David Platt and many others as they talk about the final frontier of missions: reaching the remaining unreached world.


2. For the rest of the year, make all 364 days matter for those who have never heard about Jesus. Make your newfound passion for the unreached a lifestyle.


Learn more about the 10/40 Window and the unreached world at Within Reach Global.


Join us in our deepest passion to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the uttermost parts of the earth and make sure that we see every nation, tribe, people, and language standing before the throne of God in heaven. (Revelation 7:9)


Want to give financially toward reaching the unreached with us? You can donate here and join the Within reach Global Monthly Prayer and Financial Support Team here.

Let’s inspire the Christian world to link hearts and hands to make a difference in the world. People are waiting at the other end of our obedience.

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David Joannes

David is the founder of Within Reach Global, Inc. He is a Missional Starter and an Artistic Creative. He is an observer. He is passionate about assembling the many moving parts of life and art to depict unique global stories. David has a heart to be an articulate voice, composing stories of justice and social concern, especially among the poor. Visit David's website at

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