This is the incredible story of the rescue of an abandoned street infant in Myanmar and the saving of a trafficked child’s life. Now we invite you to help adopt Yuyu with us!

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In July 2015, our local missionaries at The Edge outreach center in Myanmar rescued an abandoned baby from the street. They took the infant into their home and began to raise the child as their own. They fell in love with Yuyu and planned to foster her.

Six month later, the little girl’s mother showed up at their doorstep and demanded they return the child. She had just been released from jail after being charged with drug abuse. Our local missionaries had no choice but to give Yuyu back to the mother. Two days later, they were shocked to find the Yuyu’s mother sold her child for $500 on the black market. They were devastated at the loss of the little girl they loved. Both Yuyu’s mother and father were again jailed for their heavy drug addiction, and Yuyu went missing for the next six months.

The Edge region is an epicenter for methamphetamine production, second only to Afghanistan. Drug production and abuse are rampant, devastating the community and ripping families apart.

After searching for Yuyu for six months, our local missionaries found that the infant was trafficked to a nearby home. The traffickers were notorious for selling children as child soldiers and sex slaves.

One year after the initial rescue, God miraculously led them to save Yuyu once again, this time from a horrific life of child trafficking. They contacted the local government and arranged to legally adopt Yuyu for $7,000. All the papers have been processed and Yuyu is now legally their own child.

We are now in the process of raising money to pay for little Yuyu’s adoption.

Now we invite you to join us in this life changing story! Would you consider adopting Yuyu with us?

Your donation will not only help transform the life of this child, but will serve as a catalyst for families and communities around The Edge outreach center.

Our local missionaries are the only Christian witness in their whole city. We desire to see the light of the Gospel permeate the whole region and spark salvation in a region that has yet to understand their Heavenly Father’s love.

Here’s a few options for giving to this incredible need:


helps to process adoption papers


helps us get one step closer to giving Yuyu a safe family


empowers an entire family to become a witness in their community

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Your generosity will bless a life for eternity

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