Discipleship Program

Good News Series & School of Workers curriculum

One of our goals at Within Reach Global is to stand behind the underground Church, supporting and empowering them to reach their own nation and beyond.

We use a two part curriculum called Good News Series and School of Workers, that has been helping thousands of churches in the Philippines, Asia and beyond. The curriculum is simple, transferable and so easy to understand that even uneducated tribal farmers are able to grasp the Christian principles.

The goal of this curriculum is to establish house church based training centers, thus making the Bible training available to every member of the church. This in turn helps facilitate leadership development and church planting.

  • Good News Series

    Good News Series (GNS) is a spiritual mentoring series that helps new believers receive the assurance of salvation, restoration, life-transforming power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Its objective is for believers to become true disciples of Christ.

  • School of Workers book 1

    Book one covers topic such as discovering what God says about the basics of Christian faith, building the right foundation for life, how to be delivered from the old sinful life and living in newness of life. It also focuses on how to share your faith, be established in a local church, and continue to grow as a new believer.

  • School of Workers book 2

    Book two teaches you how to grow in your spiritual walk, receive baptism in water and the Holy Spirit, use spiritual gifts and produce the fruits of the Holy Spirit that will make a new believer strong in day to day living. It helps the believer realize the power in Christ through resurrection that leads to deliverance and healing.

  • School of Workers book 3

    Book three focuses on learning and embracing God’s best plan for personal life, family, relationships and leadership. It is an in-depth study on leadership, the body of Christ, submission and spiritual covering, preaching, and five-fold ministry gifts. This curriculum prepares the believer for Christian leadership.

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