These Underprivileged Children And Orphans Prove That No One Is Too Poor To Help The Homeless

These Underprivileged Children And Orphans Prove That No One Is Too Poor To Help The Homeless

These Underprivileged Children And Orphans Prove That No One Is Too Poor To Help The Homeless

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Children 8 to 14 years old prepare and cook meals to pass them out to the elderly homeless around Orphan Home outreach center in China!

Just 2 weeks ago, the police warned Lin, our local missionary, not to do any kind of helps ministry among the poor and homeless.

Whenever I hear this kind of threat, my first reaction is anger and disbelief. If Within Reach Global does not reach out to the widows and orphans, then who will? There is no governmental arrangement for these outcasts of society. We are not causing a commotion. We are not breaking any laws. So why the threats against humanitarian acts of kindness?

But after the police threatened her to discontinue any outreach among the homeless, her faith only grew. “Do they really expect that we will stop?” Lin rhetorically reported. “Many of these elderly people are suffering from mental illness, living on the streets and under bridges in cardboard boxes. My heart goes out to them.”

Lin got saved at our English Corner outreach 2 years ago. She came from a broken home, and after battling low self esteem and suicidal tendencies, she finally met Jesus. That encounter has transformed her life. She returned to her hometown, and has been discipling a group of 30 underprivileged children and orphans for over a year now.

But this passionate new Chinese believer wanted to reach even more people in her community! So she asked the children if they would like to serve meals to the homeless. The children were ecstatic to be able to help.

“At first we didn’t have any money to buy ingredients for our meals for the homeless,” Lin said. “So the children began to pray. Within 24 hours, someone donated $50 to help us!”

It was a huge answered prayer. Lin and the children were amazed at God’s provision. They immediately went to the local market to buy rice, fresh vegetable and meat.

Lin helped the children prepare and cook meals for 10 homeless people in the area. When the meals were boxed and ready, they hit the streets in search of homeless people.


“Right now, the problem is that we don’t have a fixed place where the homeless can meet us for free meals,” Lin said. “Because they live on the streets and move around a lot, sometimes we cannot find them. But I think that as we continue this outreach, they will become accustomed to a fixed place, and the ministry will grow.”

Do you want to help? We are in serious need of finances to purchase food for the children to cook on a weekly basis. We also need money for Lin’s living expenses as she disciples these underprivileged children and orphans.

We appreciate your continued prayers and financial support. Be a hand outstretched to the homeless community in China and you will be amazed how God blesses you back for your simple faithfulness.








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