7 Ways to Pray for Women in the 10/40 Window

7 Ways to Pray for the Women of the 10/40 Window

7 Ways to Pray for the Women of the 10/40 Window

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Who are the women of the 10/40 window? They are daughters, they are businesswomen, they are widows, they are beggars, they are teachers, they are farmers, they are mothers; they live in cities, they live in remote villages, they live in brothels, they live in high-rises. They are beautiful, each with her own story. And we fully believe that God wants to encounter each one with His unconditional love and exciting purposes. We believe He wants to use them in bringing His glory and Gospel to the nations. 

This blog will give insight into 7 ways to pray for the women of the 10/40 window. We pray that you won’t only read this blog, but afterward, get off social media and onto your knees and cry out to God for these precious souls. Ask Him how He may want you to be involved. 


7 Ways To Pray For The Women of the 10/40 Window

1. They will be Seen As Valuable

Most countries in the 10/40 window believe that women have less value than men and that it is a “curse” to be born a woman. In some countries that means her father will have to pay a nice dowry (money, property, jewels) to a man to marry her one day. In other countries, it means she must never be allowed to study, but must always tend to the fields, food, and children. In some countries that means she may be one of many wives and discarded of without cause or justice. Yet in other countries, it is “blessed” to be born a woman, because that means the family can always have a source of income—prostitution. 

I have seen and heard “unthinkable” stories of how women are treated here.

I have fed a woman in India who had no nose, no eyes and burn scars all the way down her body due to a “bride burning” (the husband was not satisfied with the dowry and burned her). Statistically, this happens to 1 woman every hour in India. 

I have seen widows on the dirty streets with their children because they now have nowhere to go and no one to take care of them. Their parents had already done their “duties” for these women, and why would the in-laws keep them around? 

A university student in China once told me that her grandparents would walk her next to the river, hoping that an “accident” may happen so that her parents could try to have a son (the one-child policy was in place when she was born). She said it was normal for “accidents” to happen to girls from her village. 

I have talked to women in prostitution (most were forced into it), who are just seen as pleasure objects to men. The men do whatever they want to them. Many of these women are also forced to have abortions.

Why treat women like this? Most societies in the 10/40 window are without the Gospel, and these cultures have never been taught the value of women. For example, I had a pastor come to me after a women’s ministry training one day, and he said, “I now realize that my wife is not just the mother of my children, but that she is also my wife. She can also help me do ministry so that I am not alone. God did not want men to be alone.” The truth had never been taught to him like that before!

It seems simple, but many places just need to be taught the basic truths about the value of life, and the purposes God has for women. Please pray that old, set-in-culture-mindset ideas and traditions that have been inhumane towards women will be stopped, and the truth that all life–women included–is valuable and should be treated that way. 

2. They will be Rescued and Protected

Human trafficking is an immense evil in the world today. Due to sin, poverty, lack of education and awareness, greed, natural disasters, and lack of value in societies, millions of women from the 10/40 window are trafficked for sex around the world. They could be given away by their parents to a “fake” monk or “lying” businessman in hopes their child will have a good education and better life. Some parents may even sell their daughters in order to get enough money for the rest of the family to survive! Some women are tricked by fake boyfriends that cause them to fall in love with them. Some are kidnapped. Some take “fake” jobs. Some are orphans who age-out of the orphanage and have nobody to care for them. 

There are endless heart-breaking stories. Each story has a face behind it. Each face is a life. Each life is someone God created and loves. 

Please pray today for the millions of women trapped in human trafficking to be rescued. Also pray that communities will desire and make methods/laws in how to protect their women. 

3. They will have Resources to Provide for Their Children, That Keep Them Near Their Children

In many countries, families caught in poverty do not have much opportunity to live together year-round. The mother and father have to take jobs in cities or other communities in order to provide for their family. They are called “migrant workers”. The children are left with other relatives or close friends in the villages. It is extremely hard for the children to have a distant relationship with their parents. Oftentimes, their dads find other mistresses and soon only the mother is the one to care for them.

Please pray for the mothers to find jobs and good income near their children, and that these women will stay strong if they are left as the sole income-makers. 

4. They Will Have Healthy Childbirths

Many women in the 10/40 window live extremely remote, without access to health care. Therefore, if there are complications in childbirth, often both the mother and the baby will die. In some countries, the healthcare is so bad, that it would not help to be near a hospital anyways.  

Please pray for the women to have healthy pregnancies and deliveries. Also, pray that transportation and good healthcare will continue to increase in availability. 

5. They will be Loved by Their Husbands

Domestic abuse is ever-present in the 10/40 window. Husbands get drunk and beat, sometimes murdering their wives. Usually, there is no justice for her. I have even seen the splattered body of a dear Chinese woman after she was murdered. 

Many times screams penetrate the night-time air, floating into my window. 

Most women I have talked to in the 10/40 window EXPECT their husbands to cheat on them. 

Most men have never been given the teaching or example on how to love their wives. Most have never even been taught women have value too. 

Please pray that the men will learn how to love their wives. Please pray for the women to open up their hearts to forgiveness and healing in their marriages. 

6. They will have a Chance to Hear the Gospel

Most women in the 10/40 window have never had a chance to hear the Gospel. They have no idea that Jesus loves them unconditionally and wants a deep relationship with them. Therefore, they go through a life filled with shame and trials, all alone. As a church, most of us don’t see their lives as valuable enough to go share the Good News of Hope with them. If they’re wearing a hijab, many in the church are even afraid of them and turn the other direction. Yet, they are each created by God for eternal relationship with Him. He wants to redeem them and love them forever. 

Please pray that the women of the nations will have a chance to hear the Gospel before they die. Maybe He will even use YOU to take the Hope to them!

7. They will Become Courageous Disciple-Makers

After hearing the Gospel and being discipled, please pray for the women of the 10/40 window to be brave in following Christ. Many of them are highly persecuted by their families, communities, and husbands. Some are even martyred for their faith.

Women have the opportunity to teach their children about the love of Jesus and raise them to be godly examples, who will become the leaders of the communities one day. Please pray for wisdom and patience as they raise their children within societies that have not had the light of the Gospel. 

Please also pray for them to be courageous in sharing the Good News with those around them, and teaching them how to know Jesus. Pray that these daughters of God will be bright lights for His kingdom in these very dark places. 


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Amy Rhodes

Amy Rhodes is a missionary to Asia. She is passionate about bringing the Gospel to unreached people groups. Amy's heart is filled with love for neglected women and children, and a desire for them to know their value to God and purpose in life. Her main focus in life is to see her life daily transformed by the love of God. Follow her on Instagram at asialover3712 and on Twitter @AmyGo3712

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