4 Ridiculous Memes Of Things Jesus Never Said About Missions

4 Ridiculous Memes Of Things Jesus Never Said About Missions

4 Ridiculous Memes Of Things Jesus Never Said About Missions

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In Matthew 28, Jesus commands us to bring his gospel message to every ethnic people group on the planet. It’s called the Great Commission, but too often we consider it nothing but a Great Suggestion. 

Are we really willing to say, “Jesus, I’m willing to go anywhere, eat anything, sleep anywhere, do anything, so that every people group on earth has a chance to hear about you?” I think that would be a good starting point response to his command to go.

People in hard to get to areas in the 10/40 Window are waiting at the other end of our obedience. They live and die in the darkness, without a Christian witness. That ought to kickstart our priorities to line up to the heart of God.

Just a hunch, but I don’t really think that Jesus wants us to overlook the poor and unreached people groups in the 10/40 Window.

Based on Matthew 28:19



It’s funny how we think that by Liking, Commenting and Sharing social injustice causes, our job is complete. I call it “social media slacktivism”. It’s an easy, lackadaisical approach to being a Christian witness, both at home and globally. Yes, I understand that signing petitions and Tweeting about Christian causes can have impact, but it does not usurp our responsibility to share gospel life with actual people.

Don’t get me wrong. I want you to keep liking my posts on Within Reach Global Facebook page! I want you to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. But I don’t want you to stop there. I don’t think Jesus does either. I think he is calling for a radical commitment to go to those who have never heard of him before. Or if you can’t go, send someone who can.

The whole point is to glorify God by populating heaven, and not shrinking back from reaching places that have no Christian witness.

Based on Luke 14:23



Step number one: open eyes. If we were to recognize that people are ready to be harvested and ushered into the kingdom of God, that would be a huge beginning. But oftentimes the problem is that we are so nearsighted and self centered. We have myopia. We prioritize things that are within our own vicinity, our personal issues, both good and bad. It’s time we lift up our eyes and see beyond our own bubbles to recognize the unreached peoples that are on the heart of God.

God has given each of us unique gifts and talents. His purpose in doing that was so that we would use those gifts and abilities to be a witness to every corner of the planet. Every one of us have a part to play in global missions—I truly believe that. But the question is, has our busyness with the minor things in life made us forget the majors?

I encourage you to stop for a moment. Pause and reflect on God’s goodness. Think about his calling upon your life. It is an honor to serve him. Actually it’s the most natural response. So how are you going to make time for his global missions mandate?

Based on John 4:35



This is a biggie. Money talk can be a touchy issue. But how we spend our money directly reflects our priorities and passions.

But what’s amazing is that simply looking at the statistics of Christian spending, it’s obvious that our heart for unreached people groups is on the lower end of the totem pole. For example, the Christian Church only gives $310 million to missions work among the unreached world—a seemingly large number, until we realize that that’s the same amount of money Americans spent for Halloween costumes for their pets in 2011!

For every $100 of Christian giving, only one single penny is directed toward mission efforts in the 38 most unevangelized countries in the world.

The point I’m trying to make is not that we look down on “those poor people” on the other side of the world, and feel obliged to make a guilt offering. I’m asking you to remember the value of the human soul, their need of a Savior, and give them a chance to hear the message of salvation.

I think what Jesus would say is, “I desire that none should perish, but that all come to repentance.” May we resonate his desire through our financial giving directed toward the least reached people of the planet.

Based on Matthew 22:21

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