2015 Year In Review

2015 Year In Review

2015 Year In Review

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We saw amazing things happen at Within Reach Global in 2015!

  • 3 countries
  • 6 outreach centers
  • 13 local missionaries from 7 different people groups
  • 10 foreign missionaries
  • 9 church plants
  • 10 tons of clothing given to the poor
  • 150 led through our discipleship course
  • 3-5 English Corners per week
  • 120 students reached through Camps
  • 135 college students / young professionals reached weekly
  • 650 children reached, discipled, fed, and given school supplies
  • 60 Burmese (scattered by war) reached and being followed up upon

Persecution. Revival. Police beatings. Underground trainings. Baptisms. Discipleship. Local missionary homes demolished by the government. Hope. Joy. Glory. You’ll be amazed at all that God has done through the ministry of Within Reach Global!

See the full scope of God at work in Southeast Asia. Get the Within Reach Global 2015 Year In Review here!

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David Joannes

David is the founder of Within Reach Global, Inc. He is a Missional Starter and an Artistic Creative. He is an observer. He is passionate about assembling the many moving parts of life and art to depict unique global stories. David has a heart to be an articulate voice, composing stories of justice and social concern, especially among the poor. Visit David's website at davidjoannes.com

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