10 New Year Resolutions for Missions

10 New Year Resolutions for Missions

10 New Year Resolutions for Missions

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A new year is here and with it come a wide array of new initiatives, ambitions, and resolutions. Many of these resolutions will prove altruistic and some will see them come to pass. Others will pass into oblivion and the opportunities for change will wait for yet another year.

With new year’s resolutions swirling around everyone’s mind, I’d like to encourage you to set eternity on the forefront of your decision-making. Placing yourself within the panorama of God’s epic redemptive salvation plan will cause you not only to make a lot of decisions but make the proper decisions. 

What really matters? Are your desires at the epicenter of your resolutions or do God’s desires take precedence? Are you living each moment for the Kingdom of God and His glory? These are questions we should all be asking at the commencement of a new year.

Beginning with the end in mind (Revelation 7:9) will help you make the right decisions today. Our God is a missionary God. He is passionate about all nations (people groups, tribes, ethne). And although conversation about the unreached world in the 10/40 Window is rarely on the tip of our tongues, these ten resolutions to consider might help propel you deeper into the heart of God.


This article was originally written by Chuck Lawless and appeared on the International Mission Board website. See the source article including all original links here.


1. In my quiet time, I will watch for evidence of God’s heart for the nations.

If you look for it, you’ll find it throughout the Scriptures. Highlight texts whenever you see them. The God who called out Abraham to be a blessing to the nations (Gen. 12:1–3) is the God who deserves the worship of all the peoples, tribes, tongues, and nations (Rev. 7:9–10).

2. I will pray for missionaries by name at least one day per week.

Maybe you already know a number of missionaries. If not, ask your pastor to help you connect with some for whom you can pray. Come regularly to withinreachglobal.org and like Within Reach Global on Facebook to learn about missionary stories, and then pray with intentionality. Sign up for the newsletter to receive specific updates straight from the heart of the unreached world.

3. I will learn about, and pray weekly, for unreached peoples.

Go to joshuaproject.net, and do some research. Prayerfully choose a people, and pray that the gospel gets to them. Consider this truth: you may be one of the few persons in the world praying for this group. (At Within Reach Global, we are targeting a number of unreached people groups. Please contact us if you would like to pray for our target tribes.)

4. I will learn about internationals in my community.

Missions begins at home, especially when God is bringing the nations to us. Talk to your pastor or local government officials to get demographic information about your community. Talk to the international student office at a local university. Find out who is around you. Get to know them. Share the gospel with them. Pray for them.

5. I will intentionally get to know my international coworkers and neighbors.

The nations may be right around you, but perhaps you haven’t slowed down enough to get to know them. Reach out to them. Invite them to your home. You may be surprised how open they are to spending time with you and talking about spiritual backgrounds.

6. I will plan to take a mission trip this year.

Most of us can go somewhere, even if it’s in the United States. Plan to set aside the dollars and time to be a witness among the nations. If you know you can’t go this year, plan to give financial support so someone else can go. Sacrifice so many might hear the good news. (Learn about short-term opportunities at Within Reach Global here.) 

7. I will listen to and read the news through a Great Commission lens.

As you learn what’s happening in the world, think about what might be happening spiritually in countries in the news. Pray for believers and missionaries there. Then, pray for the people there who don’t know Jesus. We are bombarded by a constant stream of media. Don’t be exasperated by the news—let it drive you to your knees. 

8. I will visit ethnic restaurants in my area to get to know internationals.

It’s great to go eat, but ask to meet the owners. Talk to your servers to learn about their background. Ask about their faith. Go there regularly, and get to know people in your community who may need Jesus. I think you’ll find many people willing to talk.

9. I will pray that my church pastors have a great passion for the Great Commission.

I’ve never seen a strong mission-minded church without a strong Great Commission pastor and staff. Churches seldom develop a passion that is not exhibited in the pulpit every Sunday. Pray for your pastor, and then follow his lead to the nations.

10. I will honestly consider and answer the question, “Is God calling me to be a full-time missionary?”

Every believer must ask and answer this question. Be open to God’s calling, and listen well through his Word, his Spirit, and his people. And while you’re praying this way, pray for your children and grandchildren to do the same.

I realize I’ve suggested a lot here. Don’t worry about accomplishing all of these goals, but at least start somewhere. Even one resolution toward missions is great if you’ve never had such a resolution in the past. Do something—and have a blessed and obedient 2018!


This article was originally written by Chuck Lawless and appeared on the International Mission Board website. See the source article including all original links here.

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